Beekeeper shares What Context is Necessary for the Future of HR with HR Market Watch Podcast

HR Market Watch and #HRWins has discovered the key objective for successful HR Tech implementation in 2017 and it’s prioritizing support of managers and supervisors with new HR Technology! Beekeeper is doing exactly this and our VP of North America, Michael Berman joined George LaRocque to discuss this and much more.

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Beekeeper named to Top 500 HCM Market Report

Let the ball drop on 2016 as Beekeeper rings in the new year by being named to the Top 500 HCM Software Vendors in the world from Apps That Run The World HCM Top 500 Market Report.

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Pablo Posts: Internal Communication Down Under – What Australia has taught us in 2016

Internal communication is continually evolving and it adapts itself to the context, the people, and the organizations around the world. Today, many factors like cutting-edge technology and a more inclusive personnel approach are helping to set the rules that allow for more effective internal communication. HR managers across the world are adapting to this new context and exploring advanced ways to communicate internally and Australia is not the exception.

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Instant Secure Login To Revolutionize Employee Onboarding

Beekeeper, a leading enterprise mobile communication solution, announced today they are revolutionizing non-desk employee onboarding via their app. One of the biggest problems companies face with internal communication tools is low adoption rates, so Beekeeper set out to solve this issue for employers.

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Accel Eurospace Beekeeper Top SaaS

Beekeeper was named to the Top 100 SaaS Companies in Europe and Israel

The SaaS Wars are a foot and the competition is intense! But Beekeeper was just named to the Top 100 SaaS Companies in Europe on the “Accel EuroScape”- a list of top 100 most promising SaaS companies in Europe and Israel!

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Internal communication, management, and dance inspired by bees.

Do the Waggle Dance: 3 Communication and Management Lessons We Can Learn From Bees

Bees are fascinating organisms that have been in the world for around 130 million years and they have developed captivating social abilities. In addition to being a key player in our ecosystem, bees represent a breathtaking example of how communication is essential to operate and thrive.

On top of this, bees are embedded in our company’s name and culture, so today I’ll share with you three things we can learn from bees about improving internal communication and organizational management:

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HR Tech 2.0

HR 2.0 is the poster child for the next wave of SaaS innovation

The next great push in developing engaged employees, motivated leaders, and super-powered cultures comes from HR 2.0. What is HR 2.0 you ask? It’s an ability for an organization to attract, hire, and maximize talent both inside and outside their company.

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Beekeeper is for millenials and baby boomers

Pablo Posts: Is Beekeeper only for Millennials? What about Baby Boomers?

You may have read my previous post on why millennials love Beekeeper and wondered if our platform was developed only for a specific generation. Well, the answer is no. Today, the design and use of technology have overcome many social barriers including age.

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“One Voice, Green Field and Multi-channel Approach” – The Things We’ve Learned at The Internal Comms Conference in London

This Tuesday in London there was a can’t-miss event in the area of internal comms – The Internal Communications Conference. A lot of experts from retail, healthcare, education etc. shared their views on the latest internal communications challenges and trends. Our team couldn’t miss it and we prepared an overview of the key highlights for you:

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“Beekeeper is a communication tool that helps us streamline operations” – Grand Hyatt Doha, Beekeeper Client

We’re happy to share another great video from Grand Hyatt Doha where you will learn how Beekeeper helps them increase operations efficiency in their hotel.

“Not everyone has email access, like housekeeping attendants or laundry attendants, and to pass the information to each and every one is a bit challenging. But with the help of Beekeeper 600 employees can have access at more or less the same time.”

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