3 Ways Mobile Communication Can Save Your Crisis Communication

The incredible speed at which news can spread has made responsive crisis communication an essential part of any company. For public companies, a PR crisis can mean a plunging stock price and millions of dollars lost. For private companies, a squeaky clean reputation can be lost in a day. Today 28 percent of all crises spread to international media within an hour, so speedy and decisive communication is always necessary. Here are three ways mobile communication can help you in the event of a full-blown PR crisis.
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3 Ways to Connect With All Employees in Your Retail Chain

Employee engagement is important for every industry, but you can argue it’s even more important in retail than any other industry. Why? Because engaged employees are happy employees – and happy employees mean happy customers. In retail, the customer is paramount. So how can you keep all your employees engaged in your retail chain? Here are three easy ways to get it done.
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When Employee Engagement Initiatives Go Wrong

Employee engagement initiatives are now the talk of the town at forward thinking companies. But not all employee engagement initiatives end up winning workers’ hearts and minds. For most companies, employee engagement failures aren’t too big a deal. But for some, the initiative blows up in their face and has dire consequences. Here are three instances where a company’s attempt to engage their employees went especially awry.
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“Well-informed Employees are Essential” – Globus Switzerland, Beekeeper Customer

Globus, one of the largest retail companies in Switzerland with over 3,000 employees across 13 locations has been using the power of Beekeeper to connect and engage their massive workforce.

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What We Learned About Employee Engagement in 2016

With the start of a new year, it’s wise to look back at the biggest lessons we learned about employee engagement in the past year. By reviewing our learnings we can properly establish priorities and apply it to our employee engagement initiatives in 2017. Instead of flying blind into the new year, here are the three biggest insights you should bring into your employee engagement strategy this year.
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3 Ways to Use Fitness Trackers and Health Apps for Employee Engagement in 2017

Employee engagement efforts tend to focus on what can be done in the workplace. But what about the sixteen hours employees workers spend outside of work?

Smart companies have realized investing in their employees’ well-being outside of work increases engagement after they clock in. With the proliferation of fitness trackers and health apps, there are now tremendous opportunities to increase employee engagement via wellness efforts. In fact, a Gallup poll recently found at least 34% smartphone users have downloaded an app that supports healthy living. Here are three ways you can utilize your employees’ interest in health apps to boost their engagement at work.

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3 Inspiring Ways to Give Your Employees a Sense of Purpose

People who have a strong sense of purpose appear to live longer, healthier, and more productive lives. For example, one research study followed more than 6,000 people over the course of 14 years found that those who died were less likely to have a sense of purpose. If having a sense of purpose is this purpose for living a healthy and productive life, it’s essential for your employees to have one at work.

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How to Keep the Holiday Spirit Alive with Your Non-Desk Workers

The holiday season is the happiest time of year, right? Well, for many employees it can be the most stressful time of year. The pressure to meet year-end goals combined with all the shopping and family time could make the most resilient worker overwhelmed. Last year we gave you some ways to keep your employees engaged during the holidays. This year we’ve put together some great ways you can keep your non-desk workers in the holiday spirit, no matter how hectic things get.
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3 Reasons Why Traditional Desktop Tools Don’t Work For Blue Collar Workers in 2017

Startups or companies focused on creating employee-based solutions often default to the white collar office worker at the expense of blue collar or field workers. White collar workers are traditionally thought of as sitting in a cubicle in front of their computer for most of the day, so why not cater to their needs?
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10 Things Disengaged and Engaged Employees Say Differently

Spotting disengaged employees isn’t as easy at it seems. Many times unhappy employees hide or give passive-aggressive hints about their discontent. More rare are employees that are straightforward and assertive in voicing their unhappiness with their jobs. That’s why we’ve written in the past about signs an employee is about to quit – disengagement is rarely obvious. In order to help you spot disengagement before things get so dire, here are ways that disengaged employees communicate differently from their counterparts.
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